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Birthdate:Mar 16
Location:California, United States of America
I am a musician; my primary instrument is the oboe--hence the username. People call me oboe in RL as well. I also play (from best to worst proficiency) the English Horn, clarinet, piano, saxophone and trumpet. English horn is a double reed instrument like the oboe, its just a bit bigger. The rest are more common instruments, I don't think I need to explain piano to anyone... I always love talking about oboe and double reed instruments, so questions about that are always welcome.

I enjoy playing and listening to music, chocolate, reading, spending time with my dog, watching tv, bicycling, cross country skiing, making icons, writing fic, and crocheting.

I am a classical musician, but this doesn't mean that I am a music snob. I do enjoy symphonies and Operas, but I also like most genres of music that I've come across. With the exception of a lot (though not all) of country. Excessive 'twang' drives me nuts.

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This journal is semi friends only. All my icons and other fandom entries are unlocked, as are most of the memes.

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